Computational Linguist

Lectures de linguistique expérimentale

  • Organisation : A. Abeillé, B. Crabbé , B. Hemforth
  • Contact : nom @
  • Le groupe de lecture se tiendra le vendredi de 14.00 à 16.00 en salle du conseil sauf mention contraire.
  • Première séance, le 29 janvier 2016.

Programme prévisionnel

Date Salle Lecture Présentation
29/1533 Fine AB, Jaeger TF, Farmer TA, Qian T (2013) Rapid Expectation Adaptation during Syntactic Comprehension. PLoS ONE 8(10):2013 (papier) Eunice Fernandez
5/2533 Vera Demberg and Frank Keller, 2008 Data from Eye-tracking Corpora as Evidence for Theories of Syntactic Processing Complexity in Cognition, Volume 109, Issue 2, pages 193-210 (papier) Anne Abeillé
19/2533 Colonna S., Schimke S. & Hemforth B. (2015). Different effects of focus in intra- and intersentential pronoun resolution in German. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience. (papier) B. Hemforth
26/2533 Vacances Vacances
4/3533 Wasow, Thomas "Ambiguity Avoidance is Overrated". In Susanne Winkler (ed) Ambiguity: Language and Communication, 29-47. DeGruyter. 2015. (papier) B. Crabbé
11/3265 Gibson, E., Jacobson, P., Graff, P., Mahowald, K., Fedorenko, E. & Piantadosi, S.T. (2014). A pragmatic account of complexity in definite Antecedent-Contained-Deletion relative clauses. Journal of Semantics. doi: 10.1093/jos/ffu006. (reply to The Problem of Qu antifiers in Object Position: Two Processing Studies (with Jorie Koster-Moeller, and Jason Varvoutis), SALT 17, 2007) A. Abeillé ; H. Burnett
18/3NA Journée M2 NA
25/3533 Richard Futrell, Kyle Mahowald, and Edward Gibson. 2015. Large-scale evidence of dependency length minimization in 37 languages. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(33): 10336-10341. (papier) B. Crabbé
1/4533 A. Kehler and H. Rohde (2012). A Probabilistic Reconciliation of Coherence-Driven and Centering-Driven Theories of Pronoun Interpretation (papier) O. Seminck
8/4533 C.S. Kim, G.M. Kobele, J.T. Runner, J.T. Hale, The acceptability cline in VP-ellipsis,Syntax (2011) ( papier) E. Correa
15/4533 E. Kaan, C. Overfelt, D. Tromp, F. Wijnen, Processing gapped verbs,Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 42 (2012) ( papier) A. Abeillé
13/5265 Pronoun resolution in Brazilian and european portuguese E. Fernandez
20/5533 Syntactic mismatches in French peripheral ellipsis: corpus and experiments (slides) A Shiraishi, B Hemforth, A Abeillé
3/6533 Signalling games, sociolinguistic variation and the construction of style (supporting material) H. Burnett